2011 Byerly Blunt Series

After years of development, Byerly Boards proudly presents the Blunt series. Shaped by Scott "Butch" Bouchard, this all new design includes ground breaking advancements in construction and features. Internally, the Blunt utilizes an exclusive Flak Jacket Sidewall, a .25" diameter of woven carbon, Kevlar and fiberglass strands that creates a 360-degree perimeter of added strength, flex and pop. The thinnest and most durable Byerly shape to date, the Blunt also features a fully customizable fin system - yet another driving force in Bouchard's creation. The Blunt's molded-in style of removable fin has two mounting locations, allowing the rider to run the fins closer to the tip/tail for a more locked in feel or nearly 1" from the tip/tail for a quicker release off the wake. In addition, the Blunt's blended 3-stage rocker line provides just enough speed while still maintaining great pop. This series truly defines glass technology evolution and is a great choice for behind the boat or cable park sessions.


• Sizes: 53” & 55”

• Scott "Butch" Bouchard

• Full perimeter Flack Jacket Sidewall

• Biolite 3 core

• External removable molded-in style fins

• Strategic flex patterns

• Reinforced, elevated foot bed area

• Thin tip/tail thickness

• Blended 3-stage rocker

• Layered glass

• Double lap construction