Sine Wakeboards Launch 138 2009

The Launch Series boards are among the lightest wakeboards on the market today. In the Launch Series, SINE uses better materials and processing techniques than the typical wakeboard to create a high-performance hybrid-flex experience that utilizes the strengths of standard and flex board designs. The tip and tail are engineered to flex more and have better energy return allowing for a snappier and livelier board response than typical flex boards. The Launch Series also features an over-sized spine to reduce jarring impacts and help soften big landings.

SINE's patent-pending molded-in Flex Fin™ technology solves the two biggest problems with today’s molded-in fiberglass and bolted-on fins: stiffness and turbulence. Flex Fins™ flex with the board allowing the tip and tail to snap off the wake while also having the hydrodynamic advantages of blended surfaces. This means less drag and more predictability for your riding.

Lightweight, hybrid-flex, molded-in Flex Fins™, a burly spine, and an advanced composite core that has higher compressive strength and impact resistance, make the Launch Series wakeboards from SINE the most unique and lively riding experience around.