Humanoid Wakeboards Oracle Flex 2009

This is Humanoid's first release so everything is new about the Oracle series. Aesthetically, you will notice a dual-level dished out tip and tail, which reduces swing weight while also adding strength and rigidity to the nose and tail of the board. The beveled ABS sidewall around the entire perimeter of the Oracle turns the edges up at some of the contact points for better take offs, landings and butters. Humanoid's double concave base keeps ride characteristics fast and landings soft by allowing the board to ride higher in the water. Riders can also alter the Oracle's release off the wake by adjusting the location of four urethane fins. The Oracle is designed for all levels of riding from beginner through advanced due to its rail design, fin adjustability and rocker specs. The round perimeter shape and rail design are very forgiving and smooth, pushing the design more towards a smooth freeride style. However, the rider can move the fins back to get a more aggressive ride and a board that doesn't release as quickly off the wake.