New Benny G handle from Straight Line

Ben Greenwood embodies smooth style and effortless motion on the water. So when Straight Line approached Ben to create its first pro model handle, it was imperative that the design had that same smooth, stylish look to suit. Built from the ground up, SL designed a completely new aluminum bar around Ben's request for a thicker, softer EVA grip while not being too bulky in his hands. At the same time, having an artistically influenced grip pattern was just as important to Ben, so depending on which color you focus on, you'll see a different design.

In the quest for a thin, forgiving handle, SL created a new style of anti-roll arms specifically for him, making them curved, thin and with rounded edges. Anti-roll arms were something Ben hadn't used before, but immediately found the handle to respond quicker to his movements without any extra effort. The pair of skinny floats finish off this all-new lightweight design from Straight Line, in stores now. Be sure to ask for the Benny G at your local pro shop!