Photo Gallery: The ShadowBox Session

Affix ShadowBox ($500; to your wakeboard and your next session will look like something straight out of NASA. This new piece of wakeboarding equipment, which is about the size of a deck of cards and completely waterproof, measures the minutiae of every move you make on a wakeboard — from the height, distance and hang time of your batwing to the degree of spin, roll and flip in every trick. Then ShadowBox lets you review your ride in stunning detail. Once you and your wakeboarding buddies have logged your sessions, you can instantly view the results in statistical form right on the device. Better yet, upload the data to your Mac or PC and ShadowBox's WakeTracker software will create an interactive 3D representation of your ride. Use it as a tool to find and correct flaws in your riding, or use WakeTracker's send-to-a-friend function as a more scientific means of smack talking.

WAKEBOARDING recently recruited Rusty Malinoski, Shaun Murray, Austin Hair and Adam Fields to give ShadowBox a run for its money. Here's a photo gallery from that session. Check back soon to download all four of their rides, so you can spin, flip and boost your way through their tricks, including Malinoski's 1080.

Photos: Bill Doster

Shaun Murray