Nothing-- Riley Lake Productions

Clocking in with a 40-minute blur of wakeboarding action comes Nothing, by Canadian filmmaker Jake Thomas. Built from a varied array of outtakes, clips and new footage from Thomas' World Of Wakeboarding TV show and other projects, this video features some of the best "nothing" sections never before seen.
Logically, Nothing mostly features Canadian riders with a few Americans and Australians thrown in the mix. Unlike Jake's last video, Sea Monkeys, Nothing includes all riding, with limited off-water antics except for the occasional humorous dry-land slide and cliff drops. Top sections include Jamie Rizzuto (great style, awesome spins) and Chad Sharpe (giant 911 and Pete Rose) with other solid riding by Chris Guy, Jeremy Kovak and Aaron Lepin. You also see clips of Darin Shapiro, Dana Preble, Christy Smith and Parks that were mostly taken from the Nevin photo shoot last summer.
Other good parts featured Aussies Mark Kenny, Brett Eisenhauer, Josh Sanders and Shannon Best. Kenny trained in Canada last summer (where this was filmed) and goes big, doing technical tricks like method vulcans, 720s and an air front mobius. Although most of Nothing is now pretty fairly dated, it has some good action, with different styles most people haven't seen before. Since it was shot on video, it doesn't have quite the polished feel of most movies but gets the job done and is set to a varied beat of music from Ubiquity Records.