Miss WAKEBOARDING Contender - Olivia Paladin

Reed Hansen varial flip at Toe Jam

Day 3 of Contender Week brings us Olivia Paladin into the race for the next Miss WAKEBOARDING! Check out Olivia's photo gallery below as well as her answers to a few quick questions we decided to ask her. We'll be announcing the winner at Surf Expo this year so stay tuned until then. Don't forget to give Olivia a look on Instagram as well: @oliviapaladin

Olivia Paladin

WBM: How often do you wakeboard?

Olivia: I wakeboard not as much as I would like. I go to Lake Powell about two times a year to ride. I have gotten pretty good. Can 180 across the wake. Still working on my 360 :) We have a Maxim deck boat with a wake tower.

WBM: What else do you like to do besides modeling?

Olivia: Aside from modeling, I like to wakeboard, surf, skateboard, snowboard and jump off/out of things — bungee jumping and sky diving. I am a huge adrenaline junkie with no fear. I would say I could be a bit of a tomboy who doesn’t look like one .

WBM: What’s your dream vacation?

Olivia: My dream vacation would consist of a lot of activities in a beautiful place. You won’t find me sitting and lounging on the sand — I either would want to be parasailing off a mountain or shark cage diving. A lot of food needs to be included in this vacation as well.

WBM: Dream job?

Olivia: My dream job is being a broadcaster for action sports news at events like the X Games. That would be killer.

WBM: What’s the best meal you can make?

Olivia: The best meal I can make is stuffed cheese chicken, and I am an amazing baker as well. Bring on the brownies ;)

WBM: Favorite Movie?

Olivia: My favorite movie of all time would be Dumb and Dumber. It just never gets old. “We have no food, no money, our pets heads are falling off!”