Editor’s Pick Giveaway: CWB ‘Merica with JT Boots

April 29, 2014

Here’s your chance folks! You have the chance to win the CWB ‘Merica with a pair of JT boots — In fact, we are giving away the very setup that I rode in our Editor’s Pick of the May 2014 issue of the mag! Pay close attention on how to win and check out the Editor’s Pick review and bonus photos. Good luck!

Editor’s Pick Giveaway

What you win: The 145cm CWB ‘Merica and JT boots ridden, tested, and photographed for our “Editor’s Pick” article in the May 2014 issue of WAKEBOARDING magazine. Keep in mind that the only size available to win is the briefly used 145cm CWB ‘Merica. The JT boots however, will be provided in the requested size of the winner. ‘Merica!

How you win: Since the CWB ‘Merica is made right here in the USA, email [email protected] your photo of what best represents ‘Merica and we’ll select our favorite. Get patriotic, get redneck, whatever. This guy’s got the right idea:


Email your submissions to [email protected]. All submissions are permissible for WAKEBOARDING to use in social media, online and in print. For those sending large file sizes, a file transfer service like or is acceptable. Contest ends May 10th, 2014.

Editor’s Pick Review

Gear: Editor’s Pick | Words: Brandon Judd | Photos: Bill Doster

It’s rare that the average consumer gets the opportunity to test every board before buying. For that reason, I decided to select a unique board for this Editor’s Pick: The CWB ‘Merica.


Generally, if the shape or construction of a board is unique, it’s a riskier purchase for the consumer because it is hard to know if your riding will really jibe with the board without riding it first. The ‘Merica features a unique construction that combines a carbon fiber top sheet with CWB’s new Advanced Grid System core technology, all made in the USA. With all the hype surrounding its construction, I was curious about how the board actually performed on the water. To eliminate your “I don’t know how it rides” purchasing barrier, allow me to enlighten you with my experience testing out the 145-centimeter CWB ‘Merica behind the boat.

Right off the bat I noticed how light the board was despite it being a few centimeters longer than the boards I usually ride. It had an incredibly clean and smooth feel on the water with very little drag. The 0.7-inch aluminum fins gripped the water well when on edge, yet released easily when I wanted them to. The placement of the fins were also well thought out because they were close to the rails, which sets the fins deeper in the water when on edge, making the board feel more responsive. The fins are also set back away from the tip and tail, allowing the board to release quickly off the wake, which was nice.

This board is fast. With a continuous rocker, subtle bottom features, sharp rails and ample surface area, this shape had no problem accelerating when I told it to — so much so that when I transitioned from edge to edge, I almost had to hold the board back a bit to keep it from falling onto a hard edge right away.


At the wake, I could get loads of pop without having to adjust my riding at all. The continuous rocker and large surface area all played their parts in helping the board deliver high, predictable air time. While in the air, the board was surprisingly light and agile on my feet, which is a great catalyst for style.

The ‘Merica features a pretty stiff flex pattern, but there is a little bit of a snappy flexlike response when you stomp on the tail at the wake or come down hard on big landings. In fact, while I rode it, I never actually thought to myself, “Let’s see how this landing feels.” Instead, I noticed midtrick that I was about land a little past the wake, braced myself for a hard impact but was pleasantly surprised at how soft it landed.

Overall, the CWB ‘Merica is a lightweight, speedy, technologically advanced board that is incredibly fun to ride. If you fancy high-quality performance products that are made right here in ‘Merica, this board should be right up your alley.


MSRP: $1,000

Click here to learn more about the CWB ‘Merica!


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