Jeff Langley Joins Malibu Boats Pro Team!

Take a look at what Malibu just released to celebrate Jeff Langley joining the Malibu Boats Pro Team — It's just a one clip tease, but it's classic Langley going huge off of a double up! Definitely worth the watch. Maybe this will motivate more riders to improve their double up game this season. Regardless, we are excited for both Jeff and Malibu. There should be some great things to come from both of them this season.

Press Release:

For Immediate Release: April 25, 2014


LOUDON, Tenn. – Malibu Boats added wakeboarder Jeff Langley to its pro team of world-class athletes, announced today by CEO Jack Springer. Langley is a highly respected, stylish freerider who was the first to land a mute double roll behind the boat, leading to a surge in popularity for that move on kickers at cable parks worldwide. He also ranked ninth on the King Of Wake series in 2013, proving he is much more than just a freerider.

“We are always looking for people who have great character and extraordinary talent to represent Malibu as the leading manufacturer of performance towboats,” Springer said. “Not only is Jeff a great representative of the Malibu brand, he’s also a great ambassador for wake sports as a whole and that’s why he is such a great fit within our well established, current team of world-class athletes.”

“In my opinion, Malibu is the best boat company on the water today,” Langley said. “I have always admired Malibu Boats for their versatility – from hitting double ups, to wakesurfing and just hanging with friends on the water doing what we love. I’ve also respected Malibu’s team riders for a long time, so I’m really inspired to ride with guys like Chad Sharpe, Phil Soven and Brian Grubb. This is going to be an awesome year.”

Video by: Sean Kilgus