Wakesurfing With SURF GATE By Malibu Boats

Ever wonder how Malibu Boats' Surf Gate works? Find out by watching their newly released wakesurf video! I have personally witnessed this system in action and let me tell you, it is pretty impressive. Definitely something that you have to experience to fully appreciate. No more draining and filling or swapping weight for wakesurfing! Enjoy!

Press Release:

The 2013 "Innovation Of The Year" has even more to offer in 2014. First, the actuator ram speed has been improved from 3 seconds to 1.5, making side-to-side transfers easier than ever for the wakesurfer. To time your transfer, a horn on the transom sounds a series of beeps to let you know exactly when the shift will happen. There are also optional tower lights, which indicate the transfer timing as well. To top things off, all 2014 gates are finished off with a stainless steel overlay for a sharp look on the water. More at malibuboats.com.