Holiday Happenings with Jacob Valdez

December 26, 2013

During my trip back home to California for the Holidays, I met up with Jacob Valdez for a quick set behind his Supra at Canyon Lake. It’s always fun to watch Jacob ride, but this time he had a little extra passion in his riding that I hadn’t noticed before. Whether it was due to him overcoming a recent knee injury, or just an extra fun holiday set in chilly weather, I don’t know. Either way, it was a great time. I snuck a few pics with my phone from the boat while he rode and asked him a few questions about his plans for Christmas. This was the result. Check it out!

TW: Where will you be spending your Christmas this year?

JV: I’m going to be spending Christmas at home in Canyon lake.


What keeps you busy besides wakeboarding during the winter?

This winter was a little different for me. I am continuing to rehab my knee from a ACL surgery in January. Also a good buddy of mine owned a Christmas light company down in Carlsbad. We started putting lights up in November and ended a week ago, doing about 150 houses total. It was an eye opener for sure, these houses were huge, the palm trees were huge! We did work though. Christmas lights hangers, check it!

What is your favorite part about the holidays?


I guess my favorite is the whole “holiday spirit” thing, everyone always seems pumped about life.

Your least favorite part?

Spending a bunch of money


What was the best Christmas gift you remember receiving?

My siblings and I got a fuse ball table one year. That was pretty cool, we still have have it.

The worst?


I don’t remember the worst one. I’m blessed for getting underwear and socks

Have you ever gotten a wakeboard for christmas?

Never. I got one for my birthday though.

Are there members of your family that you see during the Holidays that still don’t really know what you do or what wakeboarding is?

I think about 40 percent of my family actually know what wakeboarding is and the other 60 don’t have a clue, Haha.

What is your favorite christmas song?

The holly jolly Christmas. It’s a good ole jolly song.

What is your favorite christmas movie?

The grinch, home alone 2. There is a bunch

What will you be doing on Christmas Day 2013?

I have no idea. One of my brothers is deployed and one of my sister that is a marine stationed in Yuma has to work. We will probably wake up and open presents and a small part of my family will come over and have dinner and relax. Oh and the lakers are playing the heat. So it’s going to be an interesting day.


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