ZEAL Optics Interview with Mike Dowdy

December 13, 2013

ZEAL Optics sits down with team rider Mike Dowdy for a Q&A. Mike has been gaining fame and popularity lately. With the track that his riding is on, you will likely see a lot more of him in the future. See what he has to say!

ZO: What’s your first memory of wakeboarding?

MD: I think my first memory of wake boarding is when I got to learn to ride from Gerry Nunn. My dad signed me up for a clinic to ride with him and I won. After 2 days of trying to get up I finally got it and then my dad bought me my first board.


Five words that describe your love affair with it:

Haha lets see:

1. inappropriate


2. she likes to get wet

3. she’s always clean

4. she’s good looking


5. she has a good personality.

What picture on your phone best describes this passion? Why? (send it over please)

I chose this photo basically because it shows the fun part of wakeboarding which I love most about it, and its the same reason more and more people are getting into it.


How about the most epic place you’ve ridden that you’ve captured on your phone? Tell us about it and send the pic over please.

This is my home lake, Brighton Lake, in Brighton MI.

How do you continue to see the lake differently each day and year, keeping the creativity flowing and adding to the Stoke?

I think I just try and make the most out of every situation. Theres always a reason to be positive even if it doesn’t pop out right at you. finding these positive notes helps keep me stoked on riding

What’s on your list of accomplishments to check off next year and beyond?

Basically to just try and keep pushing up. Trying to invent some new tricks as well as do well in contests, and get as much magian coverage as possible.

What sunnies are you rocking this season and why?

I’ll most likely rock multiple pair, but I’m a huge fan of the ACE. Super light and comfortable.

Why are you down with ZEAL?

Im stoked to be apart of the Zeal family because they have a really cool vibe about the company. They are super cool and laid back and everyone is friendly, and they are always coming up with new innovative products pushing the limits of sunnies and goggles. Stoked to be apart of such a rad team!


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