Leave Your Best Comment And Win Bob Soven's Gear!

Bob Soven's sponsors are feeling overly generous this holiday season and we aren't complaining a bit. We do however have a small gripe with this photo. Our friends at Liquid Force sent it over to us but we need a hilarious/witty/thought-provoking caption to go along with it. This is where you come in. All you have to do is provide us with said caption and we will direct a Liquid Force B.O.B. board, a BOB vest from Body Glove, a pair of Discord sunglasses from Spy, a pair of Sanuk's, a set of SOL headphones, and a case of Monster Energy your way. Does it get any better? No, the answer is no it doesn't.

Leave your caption in the comment section below and let's keep it PG-13, we have young, impressionable minds to look after.