Last Words: Trevor Hansen

Trevor Hansen Last Words April 2012 | Photo: Ian Reid

Last YouTube video you watched: BBC’s Talking Animals. Taylin, my daughter, loves it.

Last major accomplishment: Becoming a dad! Unless you’re talking about wakeboarding — then it would be landing the first wake-to-wake double flip.

Last fight with your brother: Today he called me to inform me I owe him a bowling ball that I promised him for his birthday but never purchased. So I reminded him of the 9-horsepower Mercury he borrowed and then lost in the middle of a lake.


Last movie you saw in the theater: Contraband. It was just like Gone in 60 Seconds, except with smuggling instead of car theft.

Last app you downloaded: Temple Run, I’m not that big of a fan, though.

Last meal: Pork tenderloin with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes and green beans — awesome!


Last new rider you got stoked on: Josh Twelker. He is so fun to watch ride. Every trick he does he makes his own.

Last song you listened to: Kenny Rogers’ “Coward of the County.”

Last person you impersonated: Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber — classic movie.


Last haircut: It’s been a while. My buddy got married last May, and I got a bunch cut off so I would be a respectable-looking groomsman.

Last beard trim: Jan. 1. I started the New Year off with a bald face.

Last trick you taught someone: This kid named Nick came down to stay at my house, and he learned a bunch of new tricks really fast. I taught him a Moby Dick, tootsie roll, Pete Rose, toeside off-axis 720 and roll to blind.


Last bowling score: It’s been a little while, but I bowled three games and had a 157 and 165, and my best game was a 185. I’ve been slacking on my bowling game.

Last wakeboard clip you got stoked on: The DEFY premiere was awesome. Danny Harf and Sean Kilgus put in a lot of time and effort, and it paid off. They made a sick movie.

Last iTunes purchase: Toby Keith’s new song, “Red Solo Cup.” It has to be one of the coolest, most ridiculous songs ever produced.

Last high score you beat: I don’t remember what my high score was or even what game, but it would have happened on a CWB trip.

Last song you sang in the shower: Probably some love ballad like “Every Rose has Its Thorn.”

Last movie you Netflixed: I cancelled Netflix when it jacked its prices up. I’m a Redbox guy now.

Last diaper you changed: Right after I answered the question about last song, Taylin came over and said “Poop!” so two minutes ago.


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