Last Words: Parks Bonifay

October 10, 2012
Parks Bonifay Last Words May 2012 | Photo: Bryan Soderlind

Last movie you saw in a theater: The Devil Inside.

Last song you downloaded: The Raconteurs album.

Last major purchase: A flat-screen for my room. My big-box TV kicked the bucket.


Last activity someone would think you’d do: Golf.

Last guilty pleasure you indulged in: Jack and Coke tends to be the scapegoat answer.

Last meal: In-N-Out Burger. I’m in Cali right now!


Last country visited: Panama, filming for Nitro Circus 3D.

Last rail you sessioned: It was the Red Bull Swamped incline that we did at night — so f-ing cold!

Last time you footed: Six weeks ago on Kevin Henshaw’s lake. A quick lil’ one-footer lap!


Last time you swiveled: Haha, I was probably about 12.

Last time you rode with gloves on: The Red Bull iceberg trip.

Last time someone asked you where Shane is: Five minutes ago. For real, five minutes ago.


Last pickup line you can’t believe worked: Hi, I’m Shane’s older brother.

Last Instagram photo you liked: “Save a horse, ride a cowboy,” a Joey Meddock picture.

Last app you downloaded: Draw Something.

Last song you sang: Some Ryan Villopoto song that Rodrigo Donoso and I made up!

Last YouTube video you watched: Sophia Grace & Rosie Go to Disneyland.

Last Pro Tour you entered: The double-up contest at the final in Knoxville, Tennessee, last year.

Last gift you bought someone: My girlfriend, and I think it was a …

Last gift you received: New golf shoes from Alexis Thompson. Weew!


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