The New Supra SA Released!


_ Supra Boats reveals amazing wakes, an aggressive look and a refined interior in the new SA350, SA450 and SA550 wake boat._

(Maryville, TN) – This new ultimate wake boat from Supra performs above extreme wake sports expectations with amazing wakes, an aggressive look and a shockingly refined interior. The 22 foot 6 inch boat sports Supra’s new Barrage Front End that covers with comfort while projecting power. The Battle Prep Transom prepares you for action or just to get some R&R. The look from overhead is an elegant hourglass shape, while the vantage point from the water is complete intimidation. With 900 pounds of hard sub-floor Liquid Lead Ballast, the SA is not just making industry waves, it is set to swamp other wake boat offerings. You can even add 1,300 pounds of available Flex Ballast from the factory. Strap onto the Roswell Pro Edge Tower and prepare for your next personal best. The SA interior is the epitome of convenience and customization with a fiberglass floor with snap-out carpet. The intricate upholstery design is only matched by the plush feel and durability of the NANO Block Technology (NBT) Vinyl surrounding multiple densities of foam. Hand-covered accents add to the performance look and the luxurious feel. The technologically advanced VISION Touch dash adds to the progressive vibe, while the familiarly comfortable convertible rear- facing seats take you back. “SA” can only mean “Shock and Awe”.


Standard on the new SA350-550, the Supra Ride System integrates a host of performance features to maximize wakeboarding and wakesurfing performance. It all starts with the professional wakeboarder’s advantage Roswell Pro Edge tower on the 2013 SA350, SA450 and SA550. This dual-mount tower was designed exclusively to cap the industry’s most shocking wake boat. The Supra SA was designed from the water up with a beyond better approach to ride, wake and performance as well as luxury. It is only fitting that the Pro Edge wakeboard tower follow suit. It is difficult to distinguish where this rock solid tow point ends and where the SA’s elegantly sculpted deck begins. Finally a wake boat that incorporates the tower into the overall design of the boat for a perfectly balanced look. With smooth low-profile folding action and a patented CAM lock mechanism, the Supra SA350-550 Pro Edge Tower System is equal parts form and function. The integrated bimini, racks, speakers and interior lighting make it a complete package and they are standard.

The SA’s Liquid Lead Ballast, factory-option upgradable FLEX Ballast and wake- shaping SmartPlate let you create ideal wakes for every level of rider. Supra Liquid Lead is a subfloor ballast system that adds 900 pounds of trick-jacking tanked water weight to the SA350, SA450 and SA550 standard. These polyethylene hard tanks are not only beneath the floor and out-of-the-way, the three locations are optimized for the Supra SA’s pro rider hull design. The available Flex System, weighing in at 1,300 pounds of additional ballast, can raise the SA’s factory total to 2,200 lbs. And if that isn’t enough simply swap out the Flex sacks with bags of your choice at the quick connection points. Whether the SA’s ballast system is standard Liquid Lead, paired with factory Flex or upgraded even further, you can still keep your eye and a finger on it with VISION Touch. The Supra SmartPlate commands the flow of water moving past the hull and allows you to adjust the shape of the wake at the dash. The integrated Zero Off speed control and the unaffected wakes under the PURE Surf swim step deliver perfect pulls time after time. Harness all that powerful performance with the tap of your finger with the customizable rider profiles of the all-new VISION Touch system.



When referring to this boat, the SA is followed by the Indmar engine power designator 350, 450 or 550 depending on the power level of the engine you choose. Standard with the 345 Surf engine, the SA is available with the new LS3 or the Supercharged LSA. These pumped-up power plants are pushing a hull design optimized for ride and handling as well as wakes. The deep v of the hull at water entry and the customizable nature of the SmartPlate guarantee a smooth ride no matter what the water conditions. The specifically designed underwater gear plays a huge part in this performance. The new Precision Rudder plunges deeper in to the water for sure steering at all speeds while the new Supra Dorsal Fins keep the boat tracking straight. These fins also act as a rock solid pivot point for turns and the rack and pinion steering allows you to steer in and out of high speed turns with finger tips.


The SA interior stuns with la look and feel befitting the finest luxury performance automobiles. On the inside the SA350, SA450 and SA550 offer the connivence and customization of a fiberglass floor with snap-out carpet. The intricate upholstery design is only matched with the plush feel of the NBT Vinyl surrounding multiple densities of foam. Hand-covered, color matched accents add to the performance look and the luxurious feel. Billet anodized dash inserts provide a look that is high-end with the durability and function to match. Impressively stout stainless steel grab handles show black insets branded with “Supra” while even more stainless elements adorn the interior. The technologically advanced VISION Touch dash adds to the futuristic vibe, while the familiarly comfortable convertible rear-facing seats take you back.


The SA’s Barrage Bow intimidates with a look of elegant ferocity, but it’s all protection and comfort on the inside. The design of the Barrage front end makes room for a deep wide walk-through bow that exceeds your needs with beyond better levels of luxury, comfort and safety.

The Battle Prep Transom is where Supra Stars go to prepare for their next personal best performance. This area of the SA enlists you to enjoy rear-facing seats for use when the engine is off. Whether you’re taking a minute to visualize the victory of your next run, strapping on your stick or simply grabbing some R&R, Battle Prep has your back. This rear seating is made up of two independent seats tooled into the SA deck. Use them to sit briefly before your session or relax into the Syntec NBT Vinyl. There’s even a spot for the veteran rider of the boat to give you some last minute tips. Wage war on wakes with the Battle Prep Transom!

The Look


The look from overhead is an elegant hourglass shape, while the vantage point from the water is complete intimidation. The design for the SA was started at water level with pro wakes, but the look of the boat received just as much attention. This is one of the main reasons it is creating so much buzz now. The lines were purposefully rendered with the perfect mix of curves and straight edges to convey SA performance in one eye-shot on or off the water. There’s no other way to describe this new Supra than “Shock and Awe”.

For more information contact Amy Mauzy [email protected] or call 1-800-320-2779.

Contact your local Supra Boats dealer and order your new SA350, SA450 or SA550 wake boat today.

About Supra Boats: The flagship wakeboard boat brand manufactured by Skier’s Choice, Supra Boats is the result of a quest for continual improvement in every aspect of boat building. Everything from interior refinement to ride, handling and wake performance to production processes to ownership experience is engineered to create a luxurious professional-level wake boat that challenges expectations. Like the name suggests, Supra heightens the wake boating lifestyle. Supra boats are beyond better. Skier’s Choice encourages all boating participants to learn and follow safe boating practices.


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