Check Out: Brenton Priestly

Brenton Priestly

Sure, you could come all the way from Australia to the United States in the hopes you will "make it" in wakeboarding by riding all the contests and trying to make the podium. Or you could go the Brenton Priestly route. Brenton has been riding the better part of two years in the States, but he rides completely on his own terms. He rides when he wants, with whom he wants and most importantly, how he wants. He excretes from every pore an Aussie style that guys like Chris O'Shea and Dean Smith have made so popular in recent years.

Brenton is part of a new wave of Australian riders, but those who've met him off the water might describe him as a category-five hurricane. Things tend to get a little windy around Brenton after dark. On the water, he is able to harness that raw and controlled chaos, which is what makes him so fun to watch. It's cliché now to say, but Brenton truly puts his own stamp on all his tricks. Whether he's poking a basic trick to make it look better or making sure he grabs everything perfectly legit, Brenton is on the forefront of style. He's also well-rounded, riding rails, cable and the wake equally well. As a relatively new member to the Byerly Boards team, Brenton is sure to whirlwind himself into a town or video section near you. Words: Shawn Perry Photos: Jason Lee

Brenton Priestly

Age: 22

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

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