2011 Readers Poll Results: Wakeskate

September 7, 2011

Check out the results from TransWorld WAKEBOARDING‘s 2011 Readers Poll. On the following pages, you’ll find the world’s five best wakeskaters according to you.

Nick Taylor | Photo: Roland Lugo

5. Nick Taylor

Last year’s rank: 5

“I wish I could ride a wakeskate like Nick could five years ago. From landing many of the first-ever tricks to putting together some of the best video parts, he’s inspired me and I’m sure hundreds more. Not only are his talents hard to fathom, but Nick is one of the most genuine, down-to-Earth guys there is and wakeskating is privileged to have him.” — Andrew Pastura

Scott Byerly | Photo: Ian Reid

4. Scott Byerly

Last year’s rank: 4

“Not only has he shaped the style of our sport, Scott also continues to push other riders and himself. Lately Scott has been riding the best I’ve ever seen him ride on the skate. From then to now the legacy of Mr. B will always be embedded” — Brandon Thomas

Reed Hansen | Photo: Jason Lee

3. Reed Hansen

Last year’s rank: 3


“Reed is one of wakeskating’s best assets. He’s such an overall good guy and he’s constantly pushing the boundaries in our sport.” — Dieter Humpsch

Aaron Reed | Photo: Ian Reid

2. Aaron Reed

Last year’s rank: 2

“Aaron is like my big brother. We have been through a lot together and sometimes because of how close we are I forget how amazing he is out on the water and how much his riding has influenced my own. The old dog has brought more to the sport then anyone realizes and is proving that he can still learn some new tricks. — Danny Hampson

Brian Grubb | Photo: Joey Meddock

1. Brian Grubb

Last year’s rank: 1

“Grubb is talented, period. It doesn’t matter what he rides — wakeskate, wakeboard, surf, snow, whatever — he just has that raw talent that’s hard to find. To top it off, he’s an all-around good guy who has his head straight and is focused and educated. There’s plenty of good riders out there, but when all the water dries up, Grubb is dialed and will be just fine.” — Joey Meddock


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