Best Of Wakeboard Boats 2011: Budget Ballers

The 2011 season is coming, and surely you’re planning to get more time on the water. In this economy, everyone is making sacrifices, but getting your wake fix shouldn’t be one of them. There are tons of wakeboard boat options out there. We decided to make it easier for you and find out which are the best wakeboard boats for a budget. These wakeboard boats may not have all the bells and whistles that the flagship wake boats have, but their wakes are perfect for progressing your riding. Some of these hulls have towed epic things in the sport, and each is capable of providing endless fun this summer — all for less than $60,000.

2011 Axis A22

Axis A22

The Axis A22‘s appeal is easy to see. This wakeboard boat eliminates all the bells and whistles of some of the higher-end models but doesn’t skimp on the important features. The 900 pounds of stock ballast, standard cruise control and seating for 15 make this the perfect wakeboard boat for a no-fuss rider. The Axis A22 is styled with very progressive exterior lines and edges that complement the standard FatAX tower. There are also a bunch of upgrades you can include with the Vandall Edition package, which gives you additional Plug N’ Play ballast, an upgraded graphics package, swivel board racks and Auto-Set wedge. This boat has the core rider in mind and delivers a great wake at an incredible value.

2011 Malibu 23 Ride

Malibu 23 Ride

The Malibu 23 Ride once pulled world-class wakeboarding events like Wakestock, the Wakeboard World Championships and the Malibu Open. Today, this same wakeboard boat offers rider-tested wakes and performance in a price-point package. The amenities and standard options you get from the Malibu 23 Ride make it one of the best values in the market. The Illusion G3 tower comes standard along with the Titan Combo spinner racks and up to 400 pounds of ballast. This boat has all the quality and performance of a world-class Malibu at a very affordable price. The Malibu 23 Ride was originally the hull of the flagship Wakesetters that we came to love, and it shows. With a résumé that includes pulling both pro riders and pro events with a decidedly un-pro price tag, the 23 Ride offers proven performance.

MasterCraft X-1 2011

MasterCraft X-1

The MasterCraft X-1 is probably one of the most proven hulls in the industry. The X-1 utilizes the same hull as the original X-Star and was the inspiration behind the MasterCraft X-Series. This was the official tow boat of the X-Games and the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour, and it pulled Parks Bonifay on the first-ever 1080. The MasterCraft X-1 has all the great amenities that come with a brand-new MasterCraft. A ZeroFlex 1 tower comes standard, as does more than 700 pounds of stock ballast. With the optional Plug N’ Play ballast, you can add more as well. This boat is a true original to the sport of wakeboarding, and it continues to throw out great wakes wherever it goes.

2011 Moomba Mobius Gravity XLV

Moomba Mobius Gravity XLV

The Moomba Mobius Gravity XLV takes Moomba’s biggest and best wakeboarding boat as a starting point and ups the ante with a host of aesthetic and performance features. It all starts with the special-edition Gravity graphics package, a clean yet edgy design that harkens back to the XLV’s days of pulling one of the biggest action-sports events wakeboarding has ever been a part of. But the Gravity package is about a lot more than just looks. Moomba’s multisport wake plate and optional 1,450 pounds of Gravity III ballast combine to sculpt Moomba’s biggest, most-advanced wake. An amped-up stereo system — including an MB Quart receiver, Kicker amplifier and six Kicker speakers — cranks up the Mobius Gravity XLV’s sound. A color-coordinated, dual-axle trailer makes sure the Mobius Gravity XLV looks as good on the road as it does on the water.

2011 Supra Sunsport 20V

Supra Sunsport 20V

The smallest boat in Supra’s line, the** Sunsport 20V**’s 20-foot, 8-inch length makes it easy to trailer, simple to store and fun to drive. That compact size is also the foundation of Supra’s best crossover performance, which includes everything from wakeboarding to wakesurfing. Despite the 20V’s slight frame, however, it comes loaded with standard features. The 1,200-pound Gravity III ballast system and SmartPlate help sculpt the wakes, and the Breakaway tower with built-in board racks and pylon delivers a solid pull no mater what you’re doing. Meanwhile, the feature-rich Vision system helps you monitor and control every essential boat function, and the color-matched single-axle trailer means the 20V comes standard with killer off-the-water looks as well.

2011 Sport Nautique 200

Sport Nautique 200

The Sport Nautique 200‘s standout crossover performance starts at the hull, which is based off the Ski Nautique 200’s running surface. The engineers at Nautique added width and lift at the transom and featured a V-drive configuration, which allows room for 736 pounds of ballast. That optional weight combines with the wake-shaping function of the Hydro-Gate to produce a great wake for wakeboarding, wakeskating and wakesurfing. The handling on the Sport Nautique 200 is killer, and driving it is a blast. The offset screen configuration at the helm is also really great for visibility while you drive.

2011 Tige RZR

Tige RZR

The all-new Tige RZR combines a compact, easy-to-handle size with cutting-edge style and function. At exactly 20 feet, the Tige RZR is perfect for riders who live on length-restricted waterways or who have smaller towing vehicles or garages. Since it’s the newest addition to Tige’s flagship RZ series, the RZR sports the same state-of-the-art design, wide-open bow design and standout features as its longer siblings, the Tige RZ2 and Tige RZ4. The twin-tip bow design lends the Tige RZR its aggressive look and helps carve out room for 12, while the do-it-all TigéTouch allows the driver to control virtually everything in the feature-rich Tige RZR with the same touch technology as the iPhone and iPad.


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