Jeff Langley Signs With O'Brien

photos: Jason Lee

Jeff Langley went to work on Thursday at the Burton Shop in Orlando like any other weekday where he was scheduled to work until 11:30 p.m. But the 23-year-old had more of a spring in his step as he just inked a major deal with O'Brien this week, and more importantly, was hand selected by Cobe "The Mikker" Mikacich to lead the brand into the future.

Now serving as team manager, Cobe is reshaping the identity of Team O'Brien and he combed the entire sport to find the right addition. "At this point, it's hard for me to be really intrigued by a rider." Cobe said. "But Jeff's style is so unique. He goes big and makes everything look so easy." But there was more to it than that. "I wanted to find a guy who wasn't tainted by this industry and could bring a chemistry to our team like I had with Mike Weddington back in the day. Like Chase Heavener and Matt Staker, Gator and Byerly. We want to be having fun all the time and be totally connected. Jeff is respected by his peers and lives the sport in every part of his life."

To show his support for the budding star, Cobe and the O'Brien team rallied into the Burton Shop on Thursday at 9:30 p.m., kidnapped Langley and drug him downtown for a surprise party at The Other Bar to celebrate the new deal. Nice work boys.

Langley was all smiles and is psyched to get rolling. "Cobe and I were already excited to start working together, but for the team to bust in my workplace and bail me out to go party was mind blowing," Langley said. "I'm so excited for this opportunity and ready to give this sport everything I've got."


Name: Jefferson Langley

Hometown: Rome, Georgia

Age: 23

Board: O'Brien Decade w/ Tracer Boots