How To Create The Perfect Wave

May 20, 2010
Darin Shapiro

Some wakeboard boats are better for wakesurfing than others, but every boat has a lot of variables that can be fine-tuned to create the best possible wave for wakesurfing. In this wakeboarding how to, legendary wakeboarder and owner of Grindwater wakesurf boards shows you how to create the perfect wakesurfing wake.

Which Side?

Most wakeboard boats produce a better wave on the left (port) side of the boat. That is because most props rotate counterclockwise. This gives an advantage to regular (left-foot-forward) surfers because they can ride frontside, facing the wave. Older model Nautique Boats (’06 and earlier) are a goofy-footer’s dream because the prop rotates clockwise, creating a better wake on the right/starboard/driver’s side. But you can surf on either side of any boat, and some wakeboard boats have features to accommodate both sides pretty well.

Goofy Is OK

You can always learn to surf left-foot-forward or improve your backside surfing. When backside, it helps to put your front heel right next to the rail of the board to get good traction on the wave.


Boat Setup

You will want all of your weight on the side you are surfing on, so empty the ballast on the opposite side and put all the people in the rear corner of the boat. Your boat will float very lopsided in the water.

Drive Straight

If you don’t have enough weight in the boat, it will help to turn inward to help the wave clean up. But this can be a nightmare for creating rollers on the lake. If the lake is really calm, consider wakeboarding or doing something else where you can enjoy the glass and not create huge rollers. Wakesurfing is nice because it doesn’t really matter if it’s rough, so be conscious of when you choose to wakesurf. Drive in a straight line if possible. If your boat is tuned correctly, a straight line will be ideal.

Clean It Up

The perfect surf wave will be clean, without any whitewash curling over. If your boat has a wake plate, play with the settings until the shape looks best. Set your speed control and play with the speed. It’s usually best at about 10 to 12 mph.


Have Fun

Don’t forget wakesurfing is all about fun and should not be taken too seriously. There’s nothing like wakesurfing on crowded days or after a wakeboard session on the way back to the dock. It’s great for people who don’t want the impact of wakeboarding, and girls love it too!


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