ShadowBox Rides From Rusty, Murray and More

October 19, 2009

Attention Mac users: ShadowBox won’t have an Apple-friendly version of its RideTracker software until November, so we decided to put together these videos of Rusty Malinoski, Shaun Murray, Adam Fields and Austin Hair to give you a better idea of what this piece of wakeboarding equipment is capable of.

Of course, these wakeboarding videos don’t give you the full RideTracker experience. After all, you’re watching someone navigate through each wakeboarder’s ride instead of doing it yourself. Plus, the the frame rate on the video is much slower than what is seen in RideTracker, so the playback here isn’t as smooth. Still, the videos give you a good idea of how ShadowBox and RideTracker allow you to explore the in and outs of your wakeboarding sessions like never before.

PC people: You can download a copy of RideTracker for free here, then interact with rides from Malinoski, Murray, Fields and Hair with the software’s full range of function.


Rusty Malinoski:

Shaun Murray:

Adam Fields:

Austin Hair:


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