Oakley’s 2009 Move of the Year – Wakeboard

From a wake-to-wake 1080 to huge kicker boots to ground-breaking rail stunts, 2009's Oakley Wakeboarding Move of the Year submissions again blew minds and proved that wakeboarding gets bigger and better every year. Shown at WAKEBOARDING magazine's 2009 Wake Awards in Orlando, here are the nominations and winner of Oakley's Move of the Year – Wakeboarding.

Featuring moves from Shane Bonifay, Adam Errington, Danny Harf, Collin Harrington, Kevin Henshaw, Vinny Knapp, Jimmy LaRiche, Rusty Malinoski, Shaun Murray, Sean O’Brien, Chris O’Shea, Aaron Rathy, Erik Ruck, Chad Sharpe, Brad Smeele, Dean Smith, Bob Soven, Shawn Watson, Tom Fooshee and Steel Lafferty.