September Music Reviews

September 24, 2009

The Heavy

The House That Dirt Built

Counter/+1 Records



The Heavy’s sophomore release is a fantastical blend of old and new with musical depth that ranges somewhere between an old blues song, Little Richard, Led Zeppelin and something more current like White Stripes or Sam Sparro. It’s all over the place and it’s awesome. “Oh No! Not You Again!” has the vibe of being in a speakeasy during prohibition listening to forbidden rock n roll. The House That Dirt Built has soul and passion like nothing that has been out in a long time. Start to finish, this CD rocks. “How You Like Me Now?” and “Sixteen” are sure be on your 2009 favorites list. — Jeannie Long


Brand New


DGC/Geffen Records



Brand New came onto the scene and were sometimes lumped in with the emo/post-Warped Tour bands, even though they were always way more than just that. Brand New has taken it in stride and shown that they will not be typecast. Over the years, their sound has matured with each record in showing more depth and range than the last and finally cultivating into songs that are thematically more moody and dark. Their latest release, Daisy, is introspective with songs that are heavier than ever (think Deftones or Thrice). It’s an interesting turn for a band that wrote “Jude Law & A Semester Abroad,” but I think their fans will understand and follow them into the dark. Check out “At The Bottom,” “You Stole” and “Bought A Bride.” — Jeannie Long


Division Day


Dangerbird Records


The leaves are starting to fall, the water on the lake is starting to chill and it’s time to hunker down and listen to music that makes you feel warm and cozy – like an aural Snuggie. That’s where Division Day comes in. After a critically acclaimed debut, playing at all of the biggest festivals and getting dropped from their label, the band was at a crossroads, slowing them down and bringing them together introspectively. Emerging with more passion and commitment than ever, Division Day has created Visitation. The album is like a mellow and lush journey of fuzzy guitars and distorted textures of synth and melody. The CD is perfectly mellow when it needs to be and hopelessly positive when you don’t think it can. Check out “Malachite,” “Azalean” and “Devil Light.” — Jeannie Long

The Penelope(s)

Priceless Concrete Echoes

Citizen Records


Borrowing from 80s staples like Human League and Soft Cell, The Penelope(s) are sure to make a splash with their latest release. They have a knack for creating songs that are sweet, comforting and familiar, yet fresh, upbeat and dance-worthy. The most interesting is probably their interpretation of the Beastie Boys “Sabotage,” which replaces the original’s crunchy guitars with a synth beat. Songs like “Demian,” “Licked by Love” and “Circle of Seasons” are electro-pop at its finest. — Jeannie Long

Songs to download:

All Time Low | “Weightless” |

Brother Ali | “Us”|

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros | “Janglin” |

Flaming Lips | “Convinced of the Hex” |

LMFAO feat. Lil Jon | “Shots” |

Matisyahu | “One Day” |

Mos Def | “Auditorium” |

Muse | “The Resistance” |

Owl City |”Fireflies” |


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