Review: We're Just Skiing



**_We’re Just Skiing


Who: Vinny Knapp, Russell Brightwell, Nick Dauzat, Andrew Pastura, Mikey Erquitt, Justin Forrest, James McGuigan and a bevy of winch guest stars.

****What:** An all-winch epic from 420 Films’ McGuigan and Jonathon Ferrer.**

****Where:** God only knows. We're Just Skiing covers every type of spillway, gap and ledge imaginable in what looks like some backwoods places. The best we could make out, most of it was shot in the Dirty South.**

****Why You Should Watch:** Winching has more of a street skating feel, where anything and everything is fair game and the hairier the better. Gone are the days when someone could boost a double-up, slam, then resurface with a smile that says, "It's only water." We're Just Skiing demonstrates better than anything we've seen the true danger and appeal of winching. That same rider would smack down from a spillway with a piece of re-rod sticking out of his leg and a tooth or two knocked out. We love it. The crash section is truly horrendous. From full rail crotchings to sticky 15-foot cement declines to shrapnel-strewn stream landings, you start to wonder how many died in the making of the film. With a mostly classic rock soundtrack and that special brand of grass roots that's so endearing, We're Just Skiing is raw and guerilla, but still has some of the biggest hammers in the business.**

****The Bonus:** The bonus section is mostly raw, unedited takes of the crew getting hounded by cops, hanging out and everything that comes with hit-and-run winching. — Craig Kotilinek**