2009 Wake Awards Results


Click here for Bill Doster’s photo gallery from this year’s Wake Awards.

“On Point” Wakeboarder

Amateur or pro, this up-and-coming rider had the most impact in the last year and has poised himself to become a major player in the future of wakeboarding. ‘06 Winner: Adam Errington / ‘07 Winner: Jimmy LaRiche / ‘08 Winner Harley Clifford

5. Steel Lafferty


4. Jacob Valdez

3. Nick Davies

2. Mitch Langfield


And The Winner Is: Bob Soven

Best Womens Rider

This female ripper kills it in all aspects including contests, exposure, photos, video sections and progressive riding. ’06 Winner: Dallas Friday / ’07 Winner: Amber Wing / ’08 Winner: Nicola Butler

5. Raimi Merritt

4. Melissa Marquardt


3. Nicola Butler

2. Amber Wing




And The Winner Is: Dallas Friday

Rail Master

The Rail Master is a rider who stands out most on all kinds of rails by showing a good mix of technical and stylish riding.  Consideration should be made for rail jam events and any other rail riding this past year.

5. Aaron Rathy

4. Shane Bonifay

3. Parks Bonifay

2. Kevin Henshaw

And the Winner is: JD Webb

Best Wake Rider

Best Wake Rider is one who kills it on wake-to-wake moves and double ups through ability, innovation and style without considering contest results or rail riding. ‘06 Winner: Danny Harf / ’07 Winner: Randall Harris / ’08 Winner: Danny Harf

5. Rusty Malinoski

4. Randall Harris

3. Chris O’Shea

2. Aaron Rathy



And The Winner Is: Danny Harf

Photographer of the Year

Photographer of the Year is someone who captured innovative, creative and inspiring images on a consistent basis all year, including cover shots, editorial exposure, advertisements and catalogs. ’06 Winner: Josh Letchworth / ’07 Winner Joey Meddock / ’08 Winner: Josh Letchworth_._








And The Winner Is: Bryan Soderlind

Photo Of The Year

This is a new category for 2009! Pretty self-explanatory. The Photo of the Year is the best shot published considering composition, creativity, timing, style, etc.

_5. DOSTER / HANSEN – “Morning Pete”

4. DONOSO / GRUBB – “Back Tail”

3. SODERLIND / McKEE – “The Fog Shot”

2. CORTESE / MANZARI – “Sunset Poke”_

And The Winner Is: SODERLIND / HAMPSON – “The Fish Shot”

Best Video

The Best Video is chosen based on the quality of video, editing, creativity and the level of riding it showcases. ‘06 Winner: Hyperlite’s Counterfeit This / ’07 Winner: LF’s The Truth / ’08 Winner: Oakley’s Push Process

5. Fun Boots

4. Global Warning

3. Box of Fun

2. Rewritten

And The Winner Is: Billabong, Out of the Pond

Best Video Performance – Wakeboard

This is awarded to both the rider and producer, with consideration given to both the level of riding and filming/editing. ‘06 Winner: Danny Harf – Counterfeit This / ’07 Winner Randall Harris – Transgression / ’08 Winner: Danny Harf – Drive



5. Jimmy LaRiche / A.V.E. / Rewritten

4. Chris O’Shea / Harrington / Box Of Fun

3. Erik Ruck / Billabong / Out Of The Pond

2. Aaron Rathy / Romero / Global Warning

And The Winner Is: Danny Harf / Billabong / Out Of The Pond

Best Video Performance – Wakeskate

This is awarded to both the rider and producer, with consideration given to both the level of riding and filming/editing. This is a new category for 2007. ’07 Winner: Aaron Reed / DVS – N.A.R.L.A. / ’08 Winner: Danny Hampson Volume Wakeskate Videos

5. Ben Horan / Scene One / Fun Boots

4. Nick Taylor / Scene One / Fun Boots

3. Brandon Thomas / A.V.E. / Rewritten

2. Andrew Pastura / Scene One / Fun Boots



And The Winner Is: Brian Grubb / Billabong / Out of the Pond

The Legend Award

This rider has always pushed the wake industry, and consistently contributed in multiple aspects to the betterment of wake and its lifestyle. This rider has become synonymous with the sport and Scott Byerly, Shaun Murray, Darin Shapiro, Parks Bonifay and Zane Schwenk are already inducted.

And The Winner Is: Erik “Gator” Lutgert

Best Wakeskater

The Best Wakeskater is someone who is most dominant considering all aspects including lip tricks, wake moves, rails, contests, video sections and special events, with proficiency in PWC, boat, winch and cable riding. ‘06 Winner: Aaron Reed / ’07 Winner Brian Grubb / ’08 Winner: Nick Taylor



5. Danny Hampson

4. Andrew Pastura

3. Nick Taylor

2. Brian Grubb

And The Winner Is: Reed Hansen

Best Wakeboarder

The Best Wakeboarder is someone who rides better than everyone else and excels in every aspect of wakeboarding, from wake moves to rails to double-ups. Consideration should also be made for magazine exposure, cover shots, contest results, video sections and overall commitment to the sport on a daily basis. ‘06 Winner: Danny Harf / ’07 Winner Rusty Malinoski / ’08 Winner Rusty Malinoski



5. Adam Errington

4. Jimmy LaRiche

3. Rusty Malinoski

2. Danny Harf

And The Winner Is: Aaron Rathy

Oakley’s Move Of The Year: Wakeboarding & Wakeskating

This award is for the single most impressive, sickest, innovative and progressive move pulled all year, with categories for both wakeboarding and wakeskating, with a new category for women. The winner will be chosen by the WAKEBOARDING Magazine staff and the deadline for submitting video of new moves will be Tuesday, August 18. Please fill in moves that you think should be considered. Also, please help contribute video and/or photos for the moves you suggest.  Below is a list of the runners up as well as the winner.  The list isn’t especially descriptive, but a lot of the submissions were done down gaps or in some difficult situation that really must be seen, so we’re working on getting rights to the clips, so look for videos soon.

Wakeskate MOY Runners Up:

James Balzer – Toeside Wake-to-wake Kickflip

Russell Brightwell – 360 shove on Spillway Wall Ride

Russell Brightwell – Varial Flip

Travis Doran – Front Big

Justin Forest – Hard Flip

Brian Grubb – Bomb Drop Billabong Bus

Brian Grubb – Wake-to-wake Indy Back Big

Danny Hampson – Backside Big Spin

Reed Hansen – Wake-to-wake Heelside Frontside 540

Reed Hansen – Wake-to-wake Backside 540

Ben Horan – Backside Tail Slide to Backside Big Spin

Dieter Humpsch – Wake-to-Wake Frontside Flip

Kyle Hyams – Backside Big Spin Down Spillway

Chris Kallas – Wake-to-wake Backside Big Spin 360

Matt Manzari – Board Slide Varial Flip

Andrew Pastura – Backside 360 Kickflip

Andrew Pastura – Switch Grapeflip

Andrew Pastura – Switch Front Big Heel Flip

Grant Roberts – 360 Shove

Stu Shinn – Wake-to-wake Shove Catch Shove

Nick Taylor – Backside Big Spin

Nick Taylor – Switch Flats Backside Flip

And The Winner Is — Wakeskating: Matt Manzari, Boardslide backside flip

Wakeboard MOY Runners Up:

Shane Bonifay – Heelside Backside Wrapped Melon Off-axis 720

Adam Errington – Back lip, Backside 270 on Wake Lab Quarter Pipe

Danny Harf – Heelside Wrapped Nosegrab 900

Collin Harrington – High Reach Nose Press jib, 270 Out

Kevin Henshaw – 50-50 to Back Lip on C Rail

Vinny Knapp – Frontside 540 down spillway

Jimmy LaRiche – Switch Heelside 1080

Rusty Malinoski – First Contest 1080, Switch Toeside

Shaun Murray – Toeside Raley to Blind

Sean O’Brien – Toeside Nosegrab Osmosis 720

Chris O’Shea – Tail Grab Roll Backside 360

Aaron Rathy – Wrapped Heelside Backside wake-to-wake 900

Erik Ruck – Back Lip 270 Soccer Goal

Chad Sharpe – 100-foot glide over barge

Brad Smeele – Step Up on spillway

Dean Smith – Indy Tantrum Backside 360

Bob Soven – Heelside Frontside Nosegrab 360 to Backside 180

Shawn Watson – 50-50 on Ledge

Shawn Watson – Back Lip on Sea-Doo Rail

Tom Fooshee – Pete Rose 720

Steel Lafferty – Wake-to-wake 1080

Aaron Rathy – Heelside Backside ole’ 1080

Aaron Rathy – Melon Heelside Backside 1080

And The Winner Is — Wakeboarding: Aaron Rathy, Wrapped Melon Backside 1080

Women’s MOY Runners Up:

Dallas Friday – S Bend

Raimi Merritt – S Bend on Air Sling

And The Winner Is — Women’s Wakeboard: Amber Wing, Heelside Frontside 720


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