The Recap: Hyperlite's Marina Rail Jam

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This past June the Hyperlite Team was invited to spend some quality time with the crew from Antelope Point Marina on Lake Powell in preparation for the journey to BROstock. Antelope Point Marina had prepared a treat unlike anything we've seen before and together we pulled off the inaugural APM Rail Jam, a first of its kind and the beginning of something cool.

We've always viewed large marinas as places to grab gas, launch a boat or board you houseboat. Antelope Point changed that for us by building a few sick sliders for our crew to session and placed them smack dab in the middle of the marina, in the forbidden No Wake Zone. The word was sent to patrons of the marina and to the local enthusiasts in Page and when we got started on June 10, there were a couple hundred fans watching rail mastery by JD Webb, Chris O'Shea, Erik Ruck, Brian Grubb, Brandon Thomas, Jimmy LaRiche and Rusty Malinoski.

The APM Rainbow Rail was a crowd and rider favorite as the crew took turns pulling each other behind a ski for about five hours. JD was on point pressing his way over the rainbow and impressing the crowd at the same time. Rusty energized the crowd by hitting the rail at high speed booting some huge off 5's. The crew took a break in the middle of the day to mingle with the spectators, sign some autographs and thank the APM crew who built the sliders and turned their No Wake Zone into our playground.

The APM Rail Jam was captured through the lens by Spencer Smith, while Kevin Michael, editor of WBM, took in the scenic event to formulate a layout for some coverage in a future issue. Silas Thurman was also in the house and took center stage on the mic, letting the crowd know who and what they were witnessing that day.

The beauty of this event is that the sliders are now open to the public. Two winches are set up full time, giving riders the same treat the Hyperlite Team enjoyed. The goal of the event was achieved and it's our hope that we are back at Antelope Point Marina next season for a sequel to a great event!

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Rusty dominating the rainbow.