The Session: Bob Soven and Harley Clifford

Click here for the video.

We haven't been this impressed by a session in a long time.  As you're checking this video out, bear in mind that we had to go pick up Harley in the morning for the shoot because he's not old enough to drive, and as we called Bob's phone in the morning and he didn't answer, it was because his dad had taken it away.  Long story short, these boys are 15 and 17 and progressing the sport like a couple of seasoned veterans.  Watch for Bob's heelside nosegrab frontside 360 rewind to blind into the flats (it's hard to miss) and Harley's melon toeside roll to blind.   There're really too many hammers in this video to name here.

This was also just a really fun shoot to be on.  These kids don't take wakeboarding too seriously and make sure they're having fun through the whole set.  Whether they're blasting '80s music from Bob's Nautique's tower speakers at 7:30 in the morning or playing Wall Ball after the set, they're always having a good time and it shows in their riding.  Oh, and Harley never once punched me despite the nonstop barrage of cheesy Australian jokes (you would have landed that switch back 7 the first time if you weren't always eating dingo meat! Etc. etc. etc., I know I have a problem), so I appreciate that.  If you have any comments about the video, feel free to email us at