30 things to do this summer Part 3

Above: Cobe Mikacich at OWC Photo: billdoster.com

WBM has come up with the top 30 things to do to make this summer unforgettable. Don't spend your summer sitting around on your couch - get out there! Each week we'll release five more guidelines for the perfect summer of wake. Check out part three of six here

11. Go to School:

What's the secret to progression? The truth is it's different for every rider. But one thing that can benefit any rider is working with a professional coach. And when's the best time to work with a pro coach to progress your riding?  We'll give you a hint: it's not later.  There's no better time than now to work on your skills so you can progress all summer. Check out our complete guide to the best wake camps around the nation here.

Above: Murray Photo: Hahn

12. Do a Raley Through a Tree:

When Shaun Murray decided to take a crew of top wakeboarders to his all-time favorite wake spot, he never imagined he'd have the opportunity to do a Raley through a narrow gap of branches provided by a partially submerged tree.  Not only did he make it through the tree without dying, he then took it to the next level and did a blind judge.  Sound unbelievable?  We've got photos and video to prove it.  Check out Murray's trip to Bull Shoals here.

13. Get Involved:

Ride in your local contest or work with your local dealer to organize your own contest this summer.  Seriously, it's not nearly as difficult as you might think.  You know you love riding, so share the love and take some time to show your friends or neighbors what it's like to ride.  Check out what Zane Schwenk says about learning how to ride forever from the May issue of WBM here.

14. Name Your Boat:

This summer, it's not cool to not name your boat. In The Crown Room, written by Silas Thurman and James Balzer, May's Tip of the Month was to name your boat.  Don't know where to start?  Thurman and Balzer give a few solid suggestions: Punk in Drublic, Sotally Tober, Miss Behavin' and The C Word (read: Seaward). Check out what else they had to say here.

15. Chicks Contest:

If you're a hot chick, and you think you've got what it takes to win our Chicks Contest and be the proud owner of a brand-new pair of CWB Hinge bindings, sign up for the competition each month to see if you'll be crowned Ms. WAKEBOARDING.  There's no limit to the amount of times you can sign up, and besides the monthly prizes, we'll be having a Ms. WAKEBOARDING magazine 2009 contest among the monthly finalists, so sign up now.  Ms. WAKEBOARDING 2009 will truly be treated like royalty with bigger and better prizes and plenty of Mag coverage.  Take two minutes to sign up here.  Check out the February Chicks contest winner gallery here, and check out Ms. March here.