Drunky the Bear hits Fun Box at Windermere Wake Fest 2009

For anyone who missed this on the Web cast, Drunky The Bear from The Monsters in The Morning show on Real Radio 104.1 graced us with a 1970s trick ski jumping exhibition. Check out the video here. After a few attempts at getting up (really just shaking the cobwebs out), Drunky conquered the Fun Box, then called out any of the wakeboarders who were man enough to jump on the trick skis for a set. None were. Thanks to everyone who made Windermere Wake Fest 2009 a huge success for the Rotary Club, and thanks especially to Drunky the Bear and The Monsters for the exhibition.

Here's an excerpt from Drunky's blog explaining what he was trying to accomplish:

Im going to try to set a world record ski jump on these 1970's connely trick skies. The catagory will be. "Longest jump while wearing a bear suit on 1970's trick skies in Windermere, with out landing". I have to call up Guiness......

Stay tuned for more Wakefest videos.