Day with Team CWB - Stu Shinn

A couple weeks ago I got the pleasure of sharing a day with Team CWB at Zane Schwenk's house in Winter Haven, FL.  You expect certain things from Team CWB, so I wasn't disappointed when I got there and found five people being pulled by a jet ski, trying to ride a stand-up paddle board.  Besides these expectations, there's a level of excellence that we've come to expect from Team CWB, and that excellence was demonstrated when the team buckled down and made that (possibly record-breaking) ride happen, despite adverse conditions (someone took out the paddle board's fin, and the dog kept getting in the way).

After exchanging a few pleasantries and some words of hearty congratulation, it was back down to business, as Stu Shinn was scheduled to boardslide (he couldn't shove out to save his life) an antique "rail" (made out of that stuff they build decks with) held by Corey Bradley, Trevor Hansen, Derek Grasman, and Jimmy Trask.  Unfortunately, somebody had to have the end that Stu would come off, and that somebody was Corey.  He got his finger run over at least once, and took the brunt of Stu's impact on his wrists every time.  What a trooper.

You'll see all the rest of the antics in the video.  Stu's entire jet ski session was filmed in like a half hour, pretty crazy how consistent he is.

This is the first installment of about three videos from the day, expect a doubles session with Corey Bradley and Trevor Hansen, and a team shoot that documents the paddle board world record along with a ton of riding.  '80s music will be present in every video.