Win Thumps. Listen to Music. Be Happy

Everybody wants a pair of Oakley Thump 2 digital music-playing sunglasses, but who really deserves 'em? Have you been lugging around some beat-down Car Discman with all your old scratched-up CDs, jamming to your stale, skipping tunes all day long? Then this contest is for you! Take a photo of yourself rocking to your nasty current setup, and we'll decide who deserves this prize the most. E-mail your pic to and add a letter as to why you deserve it and you'll be transferring MP3s quicker than you can say, "Boomboxes rule!"

Thump 2s come pre-loaded with Oakley Wake Team Manager Jack Blodgett's music picks from last month in WBM.

Mike Jones > Who is Mike Jones
Slim Thug > Already Platinum
Paul Wall > The People's Champ
Jay-Z > The Black Album
Braided Funk > Intertwined