Scott Byerly

Scott Byerly
Hometown: Chuluota, Florida
Signature Moves: Pete Rose 540, 720, anything that involves jumping docks, rocks or tabletops.
Claim to Fame: Almost every rider in the world would like to do one move that resembles anything close to
the way Byerly does it.

The most innovative and stylish rider ever, Scott borders on living legend status. If wakeboarding were baseball, Byerly would be Babe Ruth. And that includes living the lifestyle and immersing himself in the core of the sport. But Byerly doesn't necessarily want the attention - just give him a few good friends to ride with and a sunny day, and he's just fine. Never heard the guy utter a bad word about another person either (at least to us), although some have taken pot shots at him. Lately, Scott's been focusing his talents in other areas, like wakeskating, and has all but eliminated contests from his life. That's why he's floating in the middle of the pack. But assure yourself of this, he can still amaze on a wakeboard, and next year he will continue to blow minds and do things no one else has.