A Day In The Life: Scott Byerly

For all of you out there that wonder what really goes on in a typical day for someone like Scott Byerly, this is a little peek behind the curtain. Most people think that being on top is easy and very laid back, but what they don't realize is that wakeboarding for someone like Scott isn't just riding - it's a full-time commitment of hard work and pain that gets you to the top and keeps you there. Scott wakes up early every day, and if the light is good he's more than likely to shoot photos or videos with a variety of people, depending on what needs to be done business-wise. Sponsors are always needing new and improved photos, and video companies are constantly producing new videos, so there's never too much time to waste. Once the shooting is done, there are many calls to be made to keep things flowing, and then on to whatever else it is that Scott wants or needs to do. On this particular day, Scott wanted to visit his Dad and ride out on Lake Katherine in Orlando. From there, we went to the motor-cross track for a few hours, then to Thomas Horrell's house for an evening session.