Photo Gallery: Randall Harris Wins Rio Bravo Pro

Randall Harris beat Rusty Malinoski, Phillip Soven and Adam Errington to win the 2009 Rio Bravo Pro, a wakeboarding event held Nov. 6-8 at the Rio Bravo Wake Camp in Reynosa, Mexico.

Fifteen of the world’s top pro wakeboarders, including Aaron Rathy, Danny Harf, Shane Bonifay, JD Webb, Ben Greenwood, Bob Soven, Collin Harrington, Kyle Rattray and Shawn Watson, competed in the event.

All the riders went head to head and received two passes — one down and one up the Rio Bravo River. On their third pass, riders could hit either a kicker or a flat bar. Harris, Malinoski, Phillip Soven and Errington advanced to the semifinals. From there, Harris and Soven advanced into the final.

In the finals, Harris hit the water first, throwing some massive wrapped tricks to put pressure on Soven. Soven fell on the second trick of his first pass, and Harris won his first contest since 1995

Harf took home some cash thanks to his huge wrapped backside 720 off the kicker, which won the Rio Bravo Pro’s Best Kicker Trick award, and Webb claimed the Best Rail Trick award with a frontside 180 to switch nose press to blind.

Monster Energy, Liquid Force, Corona, Quiksilver, DC Shoes, Skull Candy, Longhardride Shop, Texas Ski Ranch and MasterCraft sponsored the event.