T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds in Hamburg, Germany

T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds presents the world's best cable wakeboarders and BMXers on Sunday, 24th August in Hamburg. Current wakeboard world champion Tom Fooshee (USA), Sam Collins (AUS) and Mike Ketellapper (NL) as well as two-time BMX world champion Dave Osato (CAN) will take part. After tour stops in Toulouse, the Philippines, Kiev and Copenhagen, the international World Wakeboard Association decided to have its WWA Wake Park World Series 2008 Finals in Hamburg.

Meeting point Hamburg/Pinneberg. The international wakeboard and BMX elite marked the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds event at the Wasserski Arena Pinneberg (Hamburg, 24th August) as the highlight in their contest calendar. Whoever made it to this level, be it as a set rider or as a qualifier via the T-Mobile Local Support Challenges, has to be prepared for one of the most challenging contests in the world.

Under the patronage of the World Wakeboard Association (WWA), 14 internationally set top riders and qualifiers will compete at the Wake Park World Series 2008 Finals in Hamburg. Up to now the wakeboard division has confirmed three top riders: current wakeboard world champion Tom Fooshee (USA), vice world champion Sam Collins (AUS) and Mike Ketellapper (NL). Furthermore, there will be multiple German champion and world champion Bernhard Hinterberger, 4-time Austrian champion Daniel Fetz, wakeboard godfather Rob Mapp (USA), 2-time German champ Peter-Pascal Schmidt (GER), wakeboard world champion Nick Davies (GB) as well as the European champ Lior Sofer from Israel.

Tickets are available at all official booking offices and cost 19 Euros + charges. Smart spenders can buy the 5-friends-ticket, which get one person in for free, i. e. 76 Euros + charges. Each ticket includes a free ride to the event and back (HVV & DB trains, 2nd class).