The Lyman Pro Handle

The Lyman pro handle debuts with the newest innovation to the handle market, the Hydra-tak grip.

It's no secret that Keith Lyman rides hard and goes huge into the flats, so when Keith joined the SL team, we knew that we had to make a bomb-proof handle for his pro model. He knew just what he wanted in a handle; his anti-roll arms had to be stiffer than other SL anti-roll models, it had to be decked out with an industrial look and we had to do something totally revolutionary with his grip.

The new Hydra-tak material becomes incredibly "sticky when wet", while maintaining a comfortable, medium-density cushion. The bar shape is hexagon, conforming well to the shape of your hand while at the same time creating edges for your fingers to lock onto. We also created our new Tri-Bond Technology with Keith, consisting of a wrapped, glued and stitched process to ensure unparalleled grip durability. The graphics are permanently imprinted INTO the material itself and match Keith's pro model Liquid Force board series.

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