2015 Supra SE Review

Bill Doster Photography LLC

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Wakeboard Boat Review

Supra's all new SE is a massive 24.5 footer with way more features than we can mention here, but we'll start with the new Supra Swell surf system. This is one of the most customizable surf systems out there. It has presets for a barrel or skim wave and from there, you can infinitely dial in the settings to get your ideal wave. The system allows you to switch from side to side without moving weight around. Another huge new feature is the new convertible bench seat. It flips up easily to reveal a bench with drink holders, then flips again for a rear-facing bench seat. It's really well executed and gives passengers more seating options in a really convenient way. And finally, we can't mention the SE without talking about its massive size. This is the biggest boat in the line. It's massively deep so it can handle every bit of the 3,200 pounds that comes in the standard ballast and it still has plenty of storage. Want to really put it in perspective? The boat has 36 cup holders. Absolutely huge.