2015 Super Air Nautique 230 Review

April 30, 2015
Bill Doster Photography LLC

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Wakeboard Boat Review

The Super Air Nautique 230 is a legacy hull that’s been tweaked to perform better with the NSS system and it’s one of the most scalable boats in the line. Since the redesign, there’s really not a pain point on this boat’s interior design. Rear-facing seats, better ergonomics, high density foam flooring—the whole thing has been tailored to a better rider experience. The advanced and comfortable helm is no exception. This is one of the most plush driving experiences out there. A padded armrest with a re-designed throttle give you the perfect platform to drive all day in total comfort. The dash is low profile for maximum visibility and the LINC digital helm calls up the boat’s driving, convenience and performance functions quickly and easily. And finally we love the 230’s scalable content options. You take the base boat—which is great in itself—and upgrade the features you value most. Things like ballast and audio scale the price by opting out of what you won’t use or scaling it up if it’s valuable to you.


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