2015 Tigé RZR REVIEW

The Tigé RZR, Tigé Media Capture, Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas.Zach Stovall

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Wakeboard Boat Review

Tige's RZR is a versatile 20-footer with style in spades. The performance on this nimble little boat is above average for Wakeboarding, surfing, skiing and wakeskating. True to the brand, the RZR has classic Tige style. The RZR has been one of the best-looking interiors on the market for years. Textured vinyl with colors accents, softened lines and diamond stitching all add up to a great looking interior. Throw in the fiberglass floor with multiple pullout flooring options and you've got a low-maintenance head turner.

We can't mention this boat without talking about the new AVX surf system. Tige does listed surfing really well and AVX only makes it better. The system allows you to customize the wave while you're surfing with the new Surf Link remote. It adjusts the AdaptiVX hull extension so you can go from a longer and more mellow wave to a steep and aggressive wave without ever yelling at the driver. Finally, the RZR comes in at a size that's going to be really convenient for towing, storage and size restricted waterways. When its time to ride, the RZR offers up to 1,600 pounds of factory ballast that generates an impressive wake for wakeboarding, but especially for surfing. The boat is also really nimble and fun to drive, so you're going to have a blast on the way to calm water.