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Wakeboard Boat Review

The Enzo SV 244 was Centurion's original surf flagship and it still holds up. On top of its world-class surf performance it has luxury and convenience features everywhere you look. The redesigned Touch Vision System II controls the boat's functions. The system is improved from previous years to be simpler and more intuitive than ever before. It now has two digital screens so there's not as much complexity as with the original Touch Vision system, but you still get all the functionality.

The SV244 also comes with a brand-new tower for 2015. It collapses easily, has LED lighting integrated right into the structure, space for four board racks, and multiple tower speakers. Zone audio is also new for Centurion this year, which is huge for dialing in separate audio levels and keeping everyone comfortable. We can’t talk about the SV244 without mentioning its bench seating. Any surf boat this good is going to attract a lot of people, and you can fit a lot of passengers really comfortably in the SV244 because of the uncluttered seating arrangement. It's nothing fancy, but it's ergonomic and it has a ton of space.