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Wakeboard Boat Review

Centurion's Enzo FS44 is a surf powerhouse with wakeboard potential and a massive list of luxury class features. One of our favorite new things is the new tower. It's got spots for four board racks, a Bimini, LED lighting, and multiple tower speakers. The speakers face downward and back, and they're adjustable with a fader at the dash so you can pick where you want the sound. On top of that, the tower integrates perfectly with the boat's look and feel to make a sleek on water profile that will turn heads.

A boat this big needs a lot of ballast, which is where the RAMFILL system comes into play. Fill the ballast by getting the boat above 10 miles per hour and opening the gate. Thirty seconds later your boat is full of ballast. It's that easy, and the draining process is the same in reverse. You’d be crazy not to opt for RAMFILL in this surf machine. The redesigned Touch Vision System II ties everything together at the dash. It now has two digital screens, one for primary functions and the other for more in depth functionality you don't need all the time. The system uses the same software on both units so the same easy user interface will run both screens.