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Wakeboard Boat Review

The all-new Centurion Enzo FS33 is more than just a middle point between the 22 and 44, it's also the company's most advanced boat ever built. This luxury surf and wakeboard boat starts off with new rear facing seating options. A seat on either side of the lounge pops up and locks into place so you can sit backward and watch the rider without craning your neck. Pinch release the seat back's lock when you're done and you have bench seating again, the engineering is really simple and well executed.

The FS33’s myriad features are pulled together with the Touch Vision System II at the dash. The system was redesigned to have two screens, one directly in front for crucial driving functions and the other for deeper functionality. They both use the same software so you won't have any trouble switching from one to the other, and between the two you can control just about everything in the boat from the helm.  The brand-new FS33 comes with a brand-new tower. It has integrated LED lights as well as a zone-specific audio feature so you can independently control the downward facing tower speakers as well as the back facing tower speakers so riders can hear music while passengers in the lounge carry on a conversation.