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Wakeboard Boat Review

Centurion's Enzo FS22 built a name for itself on a platform of solid wake and surf performance in a tech-forward luxury package, and a few years later the package is just as impressive. Updates for 2015 include the redesigned touch vision system II at the helm. The system now has two screens, one front and center for vitals and one to the right for deeper functions and more customization. Centurion split the functionality between two screens to make each simpler and to allow for larger font sizes.

Another must-have feature is the RAMFILL ballast. RAMFILL floods the hull with massive amounts of weight in 30 seconds and empties in about a minute. RAMFILL fills the hull through a scoop while underway and empties with gravity driven drains at the back so there are no pumps to mess with.

Of all the features to tout on the FS22, we have to mention the interior fit and finish. This boat turned a lot of heads when it was released because of its attention to detail on vinyl accents, ergonomics and badging, as well as innovative design features with carbon fiber accents. With a few seasons under its belt, the FS22's fit and finish is no less impressive.