February 24, 2015

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Wakeboard Boat Review

Centurion‘s Enzo SV233 is a great all around mid size boat with plenty of space and high-end surf and wake performance. Our favorite feature for 2015 is the redesigned Touch Vision System II. Centurion added a screen that’s front and center for immediate access to vital functions. On top of that, the other screen has deeper functionality for features you may not use as often as well as customization that can truly make the SV233 your own. Splitting the screens made everything more user friendly and allowed for increased font sizes that are easier to read.


RAMFILL ballast is another standout feature. RAMFILL floods the hull through gates at the bottom while underway. The system adds massive amounts of weight in about 30 seconds and empties in about a minute. It’s simple and convenient and definitely beats waiting for sacks to fill every time you want to ride.

The tower is also brand new for 2015. It looks great and has plenty of functionality. LED lights are built in, there are spots for four board racks, it collapses easily and you can control audio levels separately so riders can hear music without blowing out eardrums inside the boat.


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