Centurion Enzo SV 211 2012

July 22, 2011

Wakeboard Boat Review

The Centurion Enzo SV 211 is just one of three all-new additions to Centurion‘s signature Enzo wakeboard boat series, but it should be at the top of the list for riders. While the brand-new SV 233 and SV 244 are focused on carving out world-class surf wakes, the just-under-21-foot Centurion Enzo SV 211 is Centurion’s new flagship wakeboarding boat. It earns that title with a mix of tradition and up-to-the-minute design, combining Centurion’s proven deep-V Enzo hull with a modern interior and fresh features like Quick-Fill ballast and the Pro Vision II LCD dash.

The Centurion Enzo SV 211 is the best wakeboard boat for you if: You want Centurion’s best wakeboarding boat as well as a standout surf wave and top-of-the-line features.

Right of way

The all-new two-piece sun pad is split by a gripped fiberglass walkway, which allows passengers to safely move from the lounge to the transom seating and swim platform and helps keep the vinyl looking new.


Fast fills

Thanks to Centurion’s new Quick-Fill ballast system, the Centurion Enzo SV 211’s 1,000 pounds of standard water weight fills in less than a minute and empties even quicker. The result: less time waiting and more time riding.

Complete command

From its built-in Zero Off speed control to rider profiles that set speed, ballast and trim with the touch of a button, the Pro-Vision II dash gives you total control of your on-board experience.

Wave ready

The Centurion Enzo SV 211’s hull is based off the running surface of the Enzo SV 230, which towed the World Wake Surfing Championship since its inception, so it knows how to pull world-class surf sets.


Centurion Enzo SV 211 2012 Specs

Width: 102″

Length: 20’8″

People: 12


Fuel Capacity: 46 lbs.

Load Capacity: 2,150 lbs.

Dry Weight: 4,200 lbs.


Standard Ballast: 1,000 lbs.

Max Ballast: 1,500 lbs.

Standard Engine: PCM 343HP 5.7L

Max Horsepower: 450


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