Centurion Elite V C4 2012

Wakeboard Boat Review

The Elite V C4 is Centurion's best multisport performer. With its versatile 21.5-foot length and 93-inch beam, the Elite V C4 can pull the full range of water sports, from wakeboarding and surf sessions to wakeskating and even recreational skiing. It also boasts plenty of pedigree. As Centurion's first-ever V-drive, the Elite V C4 delivers more than two decades of proven performance. That extensive résumé is complemented by a host of standard updates, including the Gladiator tower, four-speaker stereo system and DIG dash display with built-in speed control.

The Centurion Elite V C4 is the best wakeboard boat for you if: You want versatile performance and a solid set of standard features at Centurion's best value.

Centurion Elite V C4 2012

Width: 93 in.

Length: 21.6 ft.

People: 10

Fuel Capacity: 36 gal.

Load Capacity: 2,030 lbs.

Dry Weight: 3,580 lbs.

Standard Ballast: 0 lbs.

Max Ballast: 750 lbs.

Standard Engine: PCM 5.0L 303HP CATANIUM

Max Horsepower: 343