Malibu Sunscape 23 LSV 2011

2011 Malibu Sunscape 23 LSV

If you thought breathtaking 3D images were just for movies, think again. The Malibu Sunscape 23 LSV's deck and Diamond hull were modeled from scratch in a 3D environment. All the shapes and angles of the Sunscape 23 LSV were created with perfect handling and smooth ride in mind. The result is a wakeboard boat that jumps from concept to reality to welcome rough water and intuitively respond to a touch of the new Isotta Vista steering wheel. The Malibu Sunscape 23 LSV's exterior look follows the crisp lines of the new-generation Malibu, with the sleek, aggressive stance highlighted by a MH2 frameless windshield. Inside you will discover features heaped on top of features, from the performance dash to the hand-wrapped elements. If you can dream it, Malibu Boats can make it happen, and this boat proves it.

Malibu Sunscape 23 LSV 2011 Specs

Width: 102 in.

Length: 23 ft.

People: 15

Fuel capacity: 56 gal.

Load capacity: 1,945 lbs.

Dry weight: 3,800 lbs.

Standard ballast: 0 lbs.

Max ballast: 1,000 lbs.

Standard engine: Malibu Monsoon 350 5.7L 350 hp

Max HP: 555