Malibu Sunscape 21 LSV 2011

2011 Malibu Sunscape 21 LSV

When you own a Malibu Sunscape 21 LSV, dock is a four-letter word. If you remember summer days as a child you never wanted to end, you will love this wakeboard boat. It may be the best-performing, most beautiful family boat Malibu Boats has ever introduced — and you won't want to come in off the water. The Malibu Sunscape 21 LSV's 21.5-foot Diamond hull is designed to flatten and soften the wakes at skiing speeds, as well as improve handling and ride. The Sunscape 21 LSV straight-chine design perpetuates extreme agility and a phenomenal rough-water ride. With the addition of the wedge or the patented Power Wedge and the new Illusion G3 gas-spring-assisted tower, it pulls wakeboarders like a pro. Who says it's time to go home?

Malibu Sunscape 20 LSV 2011 Specs

Width: 98 in.

Length: 20 ft.

People: 11

Fuel capacity: 48 gal.

Load capacity: 1,450 lbs.

Dry weight: 3,200 lbs.

Standard ballast: 0 lbs.

Max ballast: 900 lbs.

Standard engine: Malibu LCR 330 5.7L 330 hp

Max HP: 410