Super Air Nautique 210 2010

December 14, 2009

Wakeboard Boat Review

The Super Air Nautique 210 is 21 feet of ultra-refined core riding potential in a tight, rider-conscious package. If you are dedicated to riding and you want a wake boat that allows you and 11 of your friends to do anything from wakeboard to wakeskate to wakesurf in comfort and style, the Super Air Nautique 210 is a great option. From MP3 hookups to the sharp, metal flake gelcoat finish options to the LINC control system on the Team Edition to the versatile and stylish FCT4 tower, the Super Air Nautique 210 is a well-designed industry favorite and one of the best all-around wakeboarding boats in its class.

The Wakes

In 2007, Nautique Boats redesigned the hull of the Super Air Nautique 210, widening the beam from 91 to 98 inches. That mellowed out the abrupt incline of the wake and eliminated the deep trough of the old 210. Many riders (including us) are very appreciative. You can expect consistent, poppy, just-right wakes straight from the factory. Add some additional weight and this boat delivers.

Don’t Miss

Rider ready There are so many rider-centric aspects of the Super Air Nautique 210, it’s really hard to pick favorites. A few of the things we love about this industry staple are the multiple rear-facing seating options for the wake theater behind the boat, the straightforward spinning board racks, the plethora of storage with openings big enough to easily fit boards and, finally, the transom audio control, so the rider can set the vibe right before a session.



People: 12

Dry weight: 3,800 lb.

Fuel capacity: 40 gal.


Tower: FCT4*

Racks: Flight Clips (spinning)*

Wake shaper: Hydro-Gate with SportShift



Standard: PCM Excalibur 5.7L V-8 343 hp

Test: PCM ZR-409 6L 409 hp*

Test prop: Acme 13.5 x 14.24 four-blade


Cruise: Nautique Cruise, Zero Off*

* = Optional


906 lb. total ( 349-lb. center tank, two 278.5-lb. rear tanks)

Test Measurements

Length: 21 ft.

Width: 8 ft. 2 in.

Bow length: 58 in.

Bow width: 68 in.

Floor to tower: 82 in.

Gunwale: 27 in.

Main lounge: 56 sq. ft.

Sun pad: 16 sq. ft.

Platform: 14 sq. ft.


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